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An upcoming book of interest:
A Black Magician's Guide to Immortality, Vampirism and the Necromantic Arts
A.W. Dray
Mausoleum Edition 204pp Dark Harvest. Bound in Funeral Shroud Gray cloth with black foil stamping and charred remains gray end papers. Printed on high quality paper and decorated with 6 full page illustrations by the sinister artist Lucas Pandofelli. Hand numbered and limited to 225 copies.
In Liber Obsidian Obscura, A.W. Dray successfully returned the power of the Black Arts to the hands of sorcerer’s that approach their work with powerful shamanic techniques and strange theories. That text gave practitioners of the Left Hand Path unique material that the occult world has not seen since the early days of the Typhonian OTO or the Temple of Set. Nox Infernus explains the how and whys of vampire lore and provides the necessary information for changing the Self into a ferocious and mysterious creature of the Shadows. Rites of Burial, Blood Magic, Shadow Manipulations, and Feeding the Shadow are among some of the material. £49.99